Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

If you are the special type of individual who thrives on the excitement and adrenaline rush of being a first responder within the medical industry, then the EMT Program at DCC is perfect for you. Our students have compassion for people of all walks of life, can remain calm under pressure, have a desire to help others, and enjoy working with the public. Is this you?

EMTs in NYS can work on an ambulance for commercial agencies or municipal fire departments. Also, many hospital emergency departments will hire EMTs to work as patient care technicians in the ER. Many medical programs require at least 1000 hours of direct patient contact before applying, so some EMTs use this certification as a stepping stone for nursing, physician’s assistant programs or medical school. Students who complete the EMT program could enroll into the paramedic program and pursue a degree as well as paramedic certification. The DCC program is designed for beginners and those with field experience.


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