Drone Piloting

Drones have quickly become a mainstay in many industries, from land surveying and real estate to agriculture and videography. Whether you’re a hobbyist or just getting started, our classes will give you the skills you need to enter or advance in this exciting field.

Take a single class or all three to earn your Drone Pilot microcredential. 

Commercial Drone Operator

If you want to have a career flying drones, or you’d like to use your drone to make additional income, the first step is to get your commercial drone operator license. This course prepares you to for the Part 107 exam to earn your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate. After passing the Part 107, you’ll be able to fly drones commercially and turn your passion into profit!

Maintaining & Flying Your Drone

Learn to safely operate and maintain your drone. This class focuses on the safe operation, maintenance and repair of unmanned aircraft systems. You’ll get hands-on experience flying your drone and learn to inspect your drone for airworthiness. Course price includes a Snaptain A15H RC Quadcopter with 1080P HD camera – students will be able to keep the drone at the end of the course.

Intro to Drone Videography

Learn to capture stunning aerial imagery with your drone. In this beginner course, you’ll get hands-on experience in flight techniques, angling, composition, camera and control settings and editing.

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Drone Pilot Microcredential

Gain the skills necessary to go from a hobbyist to the workforce. Complete the three courses above and earn your Drone Pilot non-credit microcredential. You’ll prepare to earn your commercial drone operator license, learn drone operation and maintenance, and discover how to expertly capture and edit aerial imagery.

For registration questions, please email workforce@sunydutchess.edu or call (845) 431- 8900.