Advisement Track for Transfer to Mount Saint Mary College

This advisement track is designed for students who plan to transfer and pursue a baccalaureate degree in preparation to become certified teachers in one of the following areas: Childhood Education, grades 1-6 or Childhood Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities, grades 1-6. The program provides for the first two years of study to be completed at Dutchess Community College and the following two years at Mount Saint Mary College.

Students preparing for transfer to Mount Saint Mary College must do the following while at Dutchess Community College: choose an academic concentration, earn a minimum grade of C in all teacher certification courses and pass three proficiency tests required by the Division of Education at MSM College.

Students pursuing a career in teaching must pass three New York State Teaching Certification Tests. While two of the three tests will be administered after transfer to Mount Saint Mary College, students are encouraged to take the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) just prior to or immediately after completing an Associate degree at Dutchess Community College.

The Associate in Science (A.S.) degree is awarded upon completion of the requirements of this program.

First Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 Composition I 3
PSY 111 Psychological Principles I 3
Foreign Language (a) 3
Science (b)   4
MAT 107 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
EED 100 Elementary Education Introductory Seminar 1
TOTAL   17

Second Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 102 Composition II 3
Academic Major (c) 3-4
American History (Appendix D) 3
Science (b)   3
PSY 221 OR Child Development 4
PSY 203 Developmental Psychology 3
TOTAL   16-17

Third Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
PHI 107 OR Intro to the Art of Reasoning 3
PHI 201 Philosophy: Primary Issues  
PSY 235 Psychology of Exceptionality 2
Academic Major (c) 6-8
Humanities (d)   3
TOTAL   15-17

Fourth Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
BHS 103 Social Problems in Today's World 3
ECH 254 Diverse Early Childhood/Elementary
PHI 203 Major Religions of the World 3
WFE 101 Lifetime Wellness and Fitness 3
Academic Major (c)   3-4
Elective (d)   3
TOTAL   18-19


a. All students are required to complete one semester of foreign language study prior to transfer. Individuals with previous foreign language study who wish to continue with that language should consult the foreign language instructor for assistance in selecting the appropriate course.

b. Students should select a course from Appendix B, Natural Science.

c. The baccalaureate degree in Childhood Education/Teaching Students with Disabilities, grades 1-6 requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in an academic major. Students should plan to complete between 12 and 16 credits toward the major at Mount Saint Mary College (Biology, English, Hispanic Studies, History/Political Science, Mathematics, Social Science with a concentration in History or History/Political Science).

d. THE 120 Performing Skills for the Classroom is recommended or students should select a course in Art, Music, Theater or Dance from Appendix H, The Arts.

e. A demonstration of minimum computer literacy is a requirement at Mount Saint Mary College. This requirement can be met if a student takes CIS 111 at DCC or passes a proficiency test administered at MSM. It is recommended that students who choose not to take CIS 111 select a course that will apply to their academic major.