Board of Directors

The DCC Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of up to 33 individuals from the community at large and one representative from the DCC student body in addition to ex-officio members. One-third of at-large membership turns over each year, with a limit of three successive three-year terms.

DCC Foundation Board



Jim Fedorchak '67, Chair

Ellen L. Baker, Vice-Chair

Marty Triola, Treasurer 

Michelle M. McCourt '87, Secretary

Carol L. Gordon, Past Chair





Susan McClelland Boyce

John W. Mazzetti

Shirley Brereton '88

Rita McPeck '88

Paul P. Calogerakis, III '78

Linda Melton-Mann

Michael Campagna '11

Christian Meyer

Dennis M. Dengel '71

Vincent J. Miller

Carl L. Denti

Vincent Nunziato

Ryan Fohl

Kip Bleakley O'Neill

Raymond J. Freda '88

Richard Reitano

Jacqueline Goffe-McNish

Kimberley S. Williams

Ronald Hicks

David Wise '80

Stacey Langenthal 




Pamela Edington, DCC President, ex-officio

Betsy Brown, '64, Trustee Liaison

Diana L. Pollard, Assistant Secretary, ex-officio

Linda M. Beasimer, Recording Secretary, ex-officio


DCC Foundation Personnel

(845) 431-8400

Diana L. Pollard '97, Executive Director

Burnelle Roser, Assistant Director

Martha Russell '01, Development Assistant

Victoria Halfpenny, Development Coordinator

Michele Romano, Secretary