Alumni As Advocates Program

Come one, come all!

Dutchess Community College has over 40,000 alumni. As a group that number is very powerful!

We are starting an Alumni as Advocates program. The purpose is to get alumni involved and working on behalf of the College. We are putting together an e-mail list which will be activated when there is a need. Examples of needs include: sending e-mails on DCC’s behalf to your congressperson, writing letters to state and local elected officials or writing letters of support to the newspaper. We will alert the group about an issue, send suggested text for an e-mail or letter and give you the contact information. We do not anticipate using the group more than two or three times a year. If you are interested in joining the Advocates please click the link below and enter your name and e-mail information.

Thank you!                      (Yes, I want to join the Advocates and help DCC!)

Diana Pollard
Executive Director, DCC Foundation


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