Residency Requirements

Why am I being charged non-resident tuition?

All students are initially charged non-resident tuition. Students must meet certain eligibility and proof requirements to have that charge removed.

Most students qualify for NY resident tuition rates if they maintained a permanent residence in NY State for one year and in their county for six months immediately preceding the first day of the semester. All students who do not prove their residency will be charged as a non-resident. Proof of residency must be submitted periodically.

Once you prove your residency, you MAY NOT receive another bill. Please submit payment by subtracting the non-resident tuition amount from your balance due.

See below for more detailed information and necessary forms.

Dutchess County Residents

Students are eligible for in-state tuition rates if they are a citizen, permanent resident, or otherwise eligible individual and can provide appropriate proof. Proof must show a residential street address; Post Office Box addresses are not acceptable. Proof must be legible. All documentation is subject to review.

If you are a resident of Dutchess County, and a(n):

(A)    Citizen: Please complete the Affirmation of Dutchess County Residence form and submit it to Student Financial Services (Orcutt Student Services 202) with the corresponding proof. Please refer to the list of Acceptable Documentation for Dutchess County Residency.

(B)    Permanent Resident: Please complete the Affirmation of Dutchess County Residence form and submit it to our office with the corresponding proof and copy of your current permanent resident card (front and back). Please refer to the list of Acceptable Documentation for Dutchess County Residency. 

If you are in the process of obtaining your Permanent Resident card, you may be eligible with proof of application such as a Form I-797 or I-797C detailing the receipt of Form I-485.

(C)    Immigrant and Non-Immigrant (visa holders): Immigrants are grouped into categories depending on the type of visa presented at the point of entry. Non-immigrants admitted to the U.S. in categories prohibiting them from establishing a U.S. residence are not eligible for resident tuition (for example, F1 visa holders). Please click here see a list of eligible and ineligible visas. If you have an eligible visa, please submit a copy of the visa with the Affirmation of Dutchess County Residence form and the corresponding address proof.  Please refer to the list of Acceptable Documentation for Dutchess County Residency.

(D)    Undocumented Students and Other Non-residents: Please see the section below titled “Undocumented Students and Other Non-Residents.”

Out of County Residents

A student from a New York county other than Dutchess is required to submit a Certificate of Residence from their county of permanent residence covering 6 months prior to their first day of the semester. Most students must have resided in New York State for 1 year. To secure the required Certificate, follow the procedures below:

(A)   Visit the website of your home county’s treasurer’s office or chief fiscal officer for information on how to apply, including applications and lists of acceptable forms of proof. Click here for more detailed county information.

(B)  Once accepted, your home county will issue you a Certificate of Residence. The Certificate must be submitted to the DCC Student Financial Services Office by the appropriate deadline.

Please note that per New York State Education Law, Certificates cannot be dated more than 60 days before the start of the semester and 30 days after the start of the semester. Certificates are typically valid for one year but vary by county. If you fail to obtain and submit your certificate within this time frame, you will be responsible for paying the non-resident tuition.

Undocumented Students and Other Non-Residents 

Some undocumented students and other non-residents may be eligible for the resident tuition rate if any of the following applies:

  • The student attended a New York State (NYS) high school for two or more years, graduated, and applied to attend a SUNY institution within five years of receiving a New York State diploma; or

  • The student attended an approved New York State program for the High School Equivalency, received a HSE from New York State, and applied to attend a SUNY institution within five years of receiving the New York State HSE.

Individuals qualifying under these conditions are eligible for resident tuition even if they have not resided in New York State for one year.

In order for undocumented students residing in Dutchess County to have the non-resident charges removed, they must file an affidavit (a sworn, written statement signed by the applicant) stating that they will apply to legalize their status as soon as they are eligible. At DCC, the Student Financial Services office can provide you with the affidavit.

For students that reside in a county other than Dutchess, they must visit their county treasurer’s office to obtain a Certificate of Residence (See section “Out of County Residents”).

If you still have questions about eligibility, please contact the office to determine if you are eligible and to determine what forms and/or proofs are needed to prove residency.

Dutchess Community College
Student Financial Services
53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Phone: (845) 431-8060  /  Fax: (845) 431-8603
Email: financialservices@sunydutchess.edu


Out of respect for our nation's veterans, we will not have them bear the cost of non-resident tuition charges while attending our institution. Some family members may be eligible as well. Please see our Veterans Resources Coordinator to discover how we can remove the non-resident tuition charge:

Stewart Dawes, Veterans Resources Coordinator
Dutchess Community College
Hudson Hall, Room 212
53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: (845) 431-8339  /  Fax: (877) 991-1778