Refund Policy

Tuition is due before students begin attending classes, by the due date listed on the student's bill. Students can pay their bills in full with cash, check, or credit cards. DCC also offers a payment plan, financial aid deferment (if the aid is showing on your bill), employer deferment, and other types of deferments. Any students considered unpaid as of their due date may be subject to a drop of the classes they are registered for. Re-registration of a student’s schedule is not guaranteed if dropped for non-payment.

Refunds only for tuition and refundable fees will be granted upon the completion and submission of an official withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office, either before classes begin, or during the published refund period. A $50 administrative fee may apply.

Simply notifying the classroom instructor or Dean of Student Services is insufficient. Any student who does not withdraw and remains unpaid at the end of the refund period will be liable for full tuition. Non-attendance does not limit student liability.

Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for refunds, and if appropriate, will be subject to the Federal Title IV Withdrawal Policy. Students called to active duty in the armed forces will be refunded the full amount of their tuition for the semester in which their education is interrupted, upon submission of evidence of call to duty.

Per SUNY regulations, refunds of tuition and refundable fees will be made according to the following schedule:


  Full Semester Eight-week term or less
Prior to first day 100% 100%
During first week 75% 25%
During second week 50% 0%
During third week 25% 0%
After third week 0% 0%

When life-altering circumstances prevent timely withdrawal, a student may appeal by submitting a Withdrawal Appeal Form, available here. Additional information is available under Withdrawal of College or Courses in the Academic Information section of the College catalog.

Delinquent Accounts

Students will be billed electronically before the semester begins with a specific due date based on their date of registration. Students will be notified through their DCC email that a bill is available in QuikPay. The student is responsible for viewing and paying the bill online, or setting up an Authorized User (parent, guardian, etc.) who will pay the electronic bill by the date due.

Students with delinquent accounts over $100 at the end of the published refund period are subject to a $50 late payment fee. Holds will be placed on these accounts that will prevent future registrations, transcripts and graduation. The account will be forwarded to our collection agency in a pre-collect status in which the agency will attempt to contact the student to receive payment.  If the account remains unpaid at the end of the pre-collect period, it may be assigned full collection. The College will assign the outstanding balance, plus the collection agency fee and/or reasonable cost to the agency for collection. These fees may be between 25-50% of the unpaid balance and are the responsibility of the student, in addition to the principal amount owed to DCC.

Withdrawal Policy for Recipients of Federal Title IV Grants and Loans

This policy is per the U.S. Department of Higher Education and applies to students who receive assistance under Title IV funding and/or to parents who receive the Federal Parent PLUS loans for their children. Title IV funding for the purpose of this policy includes Federal Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs), and Federal Perkins Loans.

If a student withdraws or stops attending Dutchess Community College, either officially or unofficially, during the first 60% (approximately first 10 weeks) of the semester, a calculation is done to determine how much Title IV funding has been earned. The earned amount is based on the percentage of the semester the student has completed. If the student has received (been disbursed) more Title IV funds than has been earned, the excess unearned funds must be returned to the Federal Department of Higher Education by the school and/or the student.

The DCC Tuition and College Fee Refund Policy, as stated several paragraphs above, is used to determine the amount of college tuition and fees a student is charged. An example of applying both the DCC refund policy and the Federal Title IV refund policy to a student that withdraws or stops attending during the fifth week of classes follows. A student who withdraws or stops attending during the fifth week of classes will owe the College 100% of their tuition and fees (There is no reduction after the third week.) If the student was awarded $2,000 in Title IV funding he/she only would earn approximately 30% or $600 of this funding. If the student is full-time and has tuition and fee charges of $1,650 then he/she would still owe the College $1,050 ($1,650 less $600) after their Title IV funding was applied. DCC and/or the student must return the other $1,400 in Title IV funding to the Federal Department of Education. If the student is required to return some of these funds, it is possible he/she will not be eligible to receive Title IV funding at DCC or another college until the amount is paid.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Student Financial Services office.