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Other Fees 

Wondering what those labs fees and exam fees and other line times on your tuition bill are all about? Here’s a handy guide.

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Miscellaneous Fees 

The fees listed below are for the 2022-2023 academic year only and are subject to change. The DCC Board of Trustees reviews tuition and fees annually. 

All items marked with an asterisk (*) are non-refundable.

Mandatory Fees for All Students 

Matriculation Fee: $30.00 

A non-refundable fee charged to all degree seeking students to cover the costs associated with admissions, graduation and other services associated with the enrollment of students.  

College Fee: $5 per credit hour 

A mandatory college fee for student activities like intercollegiate athletics, student health center, the associated student body, intramural and recreation, and other activities which directly benefit and involve students.  

Technology Fee: $13 per credit hour 

A mandatory college fee charged each semester to support the institutional operating and equipment costs associated with providing student access to technology in academic and student support services, and in instructional programs.  

Additional Fees

A course fee is applied to each course that has scheduled laboratory hours and/or requires dedicated space, such as a laboratory, studio, or physical education facility, and/or specialized equipment. 

  • Course/Lab Fees: $17 — $40 per semester 
  • Lab Fees: $20.00 - $40.00 per applicable course 

Aviation Programs 

Aviation fees are negotiated with flight school and may vary. 

Aviation Maintenance Technician Fees 

  • $864 lab fees per course 
  • $11,232 lab fees per year 
  • $2,150 (tool kit: one-time, first-semester cost) 

Aviation Science (Pilot) Fees 

  • $16,000 per semester (private) 
  • $14,500 per semester (instrument C172R) 
  • $11,840 – $16,350 (commercial special) 

Helicopter Fees 

  • $8,500 — $35,500 per semester (lab fees) 

Music Labs 

  • Individual Lesson: MUS 14X, 16X, 24X, 26X: $375.00  
  • Individual Lesson: MUS 210, 211: $1,125  

 Other Courses/Programs 

  • Ceramic Materials Fee: $40.00 per applicable course 
  • Paramedic Lab Fee: $75.00 per semester 
  • Physical Education Completion: $250.00 PED 118 
  • SUNY Learning Network: $25.00 per course 
  • Trip Fee (Study Abroad): $90.00 per trip 

  • CLEP Exam Fee: $87.00 exam / $35.00 service fee 
  • DANTES Exam Fee: $85.00 exam/ $35.00 service fee 
  • Exercise Science Exam Fee: $199 ESW 203/204/205 
  • Non-Student Testing: $35.00 per exam 
  • Pearson Vue Exam: $35.00  
  • Proficiency Exam Fee*: $35.00 per exam (non-refundable) 
  • Red Cross Certification*: $5.00/$10.00/$30.00 applicable courses 

Registrar Requests 

  • Late Registration*: $10.00 per semester (non-refundable) 
  • Replacement Diploma: $15.00 per diploma 
  • Second Degree Fee: $15.00  
  • Transcript Fee*: $8.00 per copy (non-refundable) 

Payment Charges 

  • Late Payment Fee: $50.00 per semester 
  • Returned Check Fee*: $25.00 per check (non-refundable) 
  • Tuition Payment Plan Deferment: $25.00 — $45 per semester 

ID Cards 

  • ID Card Replacement: $5.00 per replacement 
  • ID Card Replacement (Housing): $25.00 per replacement 
  • Traffic Fines: $15.00/$25.00/$50.00 per infraction 

 Library Fines & Fees 

  • Library Fines:up to $5.00 per infraction 
  • Lost Article Fee: $10.00-$250.00 applicable item 
  • Lost Book Fee: $50.00 per infraction 
  • Overdue Reserve Book: $50.00 lost charge 

 Technology Fines 

  • Audio Cables/Playaway: $10.00 lost charge 
  • DVDs/Video: $75.00 or replacement cost 
  • Earbuds/Playaway: $10.00 lost charge 
  • Equipment Breakage Fee: $10.00 — $50.00 per applicable item 
  • Headphones (Films): $35.00 lost charge 
  • Kindle/iPod: Replacement cost 
  • Playaway: $50.00 lost charge 

  • Laboratory Nursery School: $2,300.00 per year 

The College is authorized to reduce the basic fee for Laboratory Nursery School enrollment in accordance with established guidelines. Families unable to pay the basic fee are invited to contact the director of the DCC Laboratory Nursery School for further information. 

Additional costs related housing and meals for Conklin Hall are established by the Dutchess Community College Board of Directors.  VIEW DETAILS ON CAMPUS HOUSING

  • Background Check Fee: $105.00 (paid directly to Certified Background) 
  • Conduct Fines: $50 – $150 per infraction 
  • Professional Liability Insurance*: $12.00/$35.00 per year 
  • SUNY International Student Health Insurance Plan: SUNY state-wide rate 

Requirements for Registration 

  • No deposit is needed to register for classes; payment in full is required by the stated Tuition Due Date, prior to the start of each semester. 
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your bills are completely covered by payment, authorized financial aid, payment plan or a third party.
  • If you do not pay your account in full by the due date, you will be dropped from classes for non-payment and will not be able to reregister until full payment is made. 



Payment Options 

To help you meet your educational expenses, DCC offers the e-Cashier Payment Plan as a convenient way to pay your semester charges. 

  • This is not a loan program. There are no interest or finance charges assessed and there is no credit check. 
  • This is a semester-based plan and is easy to enroll in through your myDCC account. 
  • Once you set up your plan, payments are made automatically. 


Contact Us

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