Other Aid

Veterans Administration Benefits

Dutchess Community College is approved for full Veterans Administration educational benefits.

Additional Aid Programs

Information on other aid programs is available in the Student Financial Services office. Additional info may come from the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Aid to Native Americans, Regents Award for Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans, Regents Award for Children of Deceased Police Officers and Firemen, and State Aid to Native Americans.

Alternative Loans

Beyond the Federal Stafford loan, students are sometimes able to borrow what an Alternative loan. Alternative loans are credit-based private loans offered by banks that are specifically targeted to address educational costs. Many lenders require that an undergraduate student with a limited credit history have a co-signer for this type of loan.

Who are the lenders that work with DCC?

The interest rate and fees for these loans are variable and based on the combined credit score of the borrower and, if necessary, the cosigner.  Students should be sure that they understand the terms and conditions of these loans before applying.


Student Financial Services

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