Early Admissions

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Whether you are attending a local high school or homeschool, there are many opportunities for you at DCC! In addition to the courses we offer in local high schools, juniors and seniors can also take classes on campus or online.

Early Admissions/Bridge Program Application

Part-Time Early Admission Program

This program allows high school juniors and seniors to take courses at DCC (fewer than 12 credit hours) while still in high school, earning credits toward a college degree. Also, if your high school agrees, these courses can be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements. While there is no minimum average required to participate, students may be asked to take a math or English placement test based on the course(s) selected. Parent and high school counselor signatures are required (parent only for homeschool).

Full-Time Early Admission/Bridge Program

High school seniors who wish to complete their entire senior year at DCC may apply to participate in the Bridge Program. Bridge program students will attend DCC as full-time students (12 or more credits per semester) and the courses will apply toward high school graduation, as well as a college degree. Since this is a full-time program, there are admissions requirements that must be met in order to participate.

Full-time Early Admission/Bridge Requirements

Full-time Early Admission/Bridge applicants are not guaranteed admission to the college. Decisions to accept or deny a high school student as a full-time EA/Bridge student will be based on:

  • Review of the applicant’s high school transcript which should have at least an 85 high school average.

  • Students must place into college level English based on high school records or placement testing.

  • Recommendation of the high school guidance counselor with confirmation that all but their senior-year requirements have been met. Homeschool students must also show that courses taken will be applied toward graduation via the Superintendent’s letter.

  • Meeting with an Admissions counselor. Student should possess the required maturity to succeed on a college campus setting.

NYS 24 Credit Hour Program (Homeschool Student Option)

While not required, some homeschool students choose to use the courses taken at DCC to apply for a NYS High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma as part of either of the above Early Admission program options. A New York State High School Equivalency diploma will be issued to a student who satisfactorily completes 24 applicable credits toward a degree or certificate. The credits must include the following:

  • Six credits in English;

  • Three credits in Mathematics;

  • Three credits in Natural Science;

  • Three credits in Social Science;

  • Three credits in Humanities;

  • Six credits in college degree program requirements.

Those interested in learning more are invited to attend an online information session. Registration for the info sessions is required and can be done at connect.sunydutchess.edu/portal/campusvisit. More information also can be obtained by sending an email to admissions@sunydutchess.edu or calling (845) 431-8010.