Launching Fall 2.0!

Late start graphic

There’s still time to enroll in college classes this fall, thanks to a new release of accelerated, remote-learning courses starting September 29 and October 20! Take late-start classes and earn credits toward a DCC degree or to transfer to a four-year school.

What classes are offered?

You’ll find a range of classes, from general education courses including English, math, science and psychology to program-specific offerings such as criminal justice, computer science and theatre. See program-specific recommendations or the complete list.

Last 10 Weeks (September 29 – December 12)  

Second Half of Term (October 20 – December 12) 

Last 5 Weeks (November 5 – December 12) 

How will classes be taught?

All late-start classes will be taught remotely, most of them asynchronously. This means you will be able to work on your coursework at your convenience, while having ample access to your professors.

How many weeks are the classes in session?

Most are options are either 10 weeks (starting Sept. 29) or 7 weeks (starting Oct. 20). Classes end Dec. 12.

Who may enroll?

Individuals who have never attended college, those who attend another college, DCC students who wish to add a class to their fall schedule and high school juniors and seniors.

How many credits may I earn?

Most classes are three credits, with a few one-credit offerings.

Is financial aid available?

DCC tuition is the lowest in New York state, at $182/credit or $2,175 per semester for full-time study, plus fees and books. Those who wish to sign up for a payment plan may do so through Sept. 25.

Students who enroll in at least six credits this fall and enroll in a degree or certificate program may be eligible for federal financial aid, including Pell grants and student loans. CARES Act emergency grants of $250 to $500 may be available for necessities due to the disruption related to the coronavirus.

The deadline to matriculate and apply for financial aid for late-start classes is Sept. 21.

Dutchess and Putnam students who currently attend high school or are home-schooled but wish to simultaneously enroll in late-start DCC courses are considered “early admit students” and will pay a special reduced tuition rate of $60.67 per credit. High school students from other counties in New York are charged $182 per credit.

How do I enroll in late-start classes?

If you are a current DCC student who wishes to add a class, either email the ACT Center at ACT@sunydutchess.edu or call (845) 431-8600. If you are a new student, you must apply to the College. If you are enrolling in a degree or certificate program, or will be attending full time, please complete the matriculated application. Complete the nonmatriculated application if you are not enrolling in a program at this time and do not wish to be considered for financial aid.

Shortly after submitting an admissions application, you will receive an email with next steps. If you have any questions please email admissions@sunydutchess.edu, with subject line: Fall 2.0.

We hope to see you soon!