Strength Training Certification: Microcredential

Gain Entry-Level Strength and Fitness Training Skills

Gain the foundational knowledge necessary to become certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness through coursework in our Exercise Science and Wellness department. Learn the skills necessary to work with clients and to potentially run your own personal training business. NCSF certification exams are administered on campus as part of the coursework. Upon completion, students will earn Strength and Conditioning Coach certification. The three courses can be applied to an associate degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. In order to earn a microcredential, you must earn a minimum grade of C in each of the three courses. 

Students who successfully complete this Microcredential will be able to:

  • Effectively demonstrate a variety of exercises and teach safe and correct use of exercise equipment and other health related apparatus to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Effectively design, implement, supervise and evaluate exercise prescriptions and exercise programs in accordance with individuals’ needs, goals, and assessment date results.

  • Effectively educate, motivate, and/or communicate with individuals to influence healthy lifestyle behavior modifications which include the dimensions of wellness, occupational wellness, and stress management.

  • Perform safe, ethical and legal practices in a variety of health and fitness related settings within the scope of practice.

Total credits: 9
Total courses: 3 (3-credit courses)
Length: 1 semester  


To learn more about this credential contact the ACT Center at (845) 431-8600 or click here to receive additional information.

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