Book Donations

Due to limitations of space, the acceptance of gifts must be selective. The same standards will be used in accepting donated materials as are applied to purchases. Offers of gift collections should be accompanied by a list including the titles, authors, and dates of publication of the items. The library will send an acknowledgement letter including the number of books donated or the items donated if a list has not been provided. Library staff reserves the right to give away or dispose of unwanted gift items. The appraisal of gift items for the purposes of income taxes is the responsibility of the donor.

We are not able to accept:

  • Magazines

  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books

  • Text books more than three years old.

Volumes for Scholars

Through the Volumes for Scholars program you can give a gift of knowledge by purchasing a book for the DCC Library with a contribution of $40.00 or more. A special bookplate placed in the inside front cover of the book will acknowledge your gift. You will also receive a card from the Library noting the title of the book you purchased and its catalog number. If you wish, you may choose a subject area that appeals to you.

For more information, please contact:
Elysia Roman:
Phone: (845) 431-8633



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