PVAC Faculty

The faculty of the Performing, Visual Arts, and Communications department are student-focused professionals who want you to succeed in your chosen field of study. Faculty information is listed below should you wish to contact one of your professors. 

Joseph Cosentino
Department Chair, Performing, Visual Arts, and Communications
Performing Arts Program Chair
Professor of Speech and Theatre
Office: W-013
Phone: (845) 431-8618 
Email: cosentin@sunydutchess.edu

Michael Adams
Instructor of Speech and Communications
Office: D-207A
Phone: (845) 431-8607
Email: michael.adams2@sunydutchess.edu

Dr. Christopher Brellochs
Associate Professor of Music
Music Performance Certificate Program Chair
Office: D-213
Phone: (845) 431-8625
Email: christopher.brelloc@sunydutchess.edu

Dr. Thomas B. Costello
Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre
Office: D-212
Phone: (845) 431-8623
Email: tcostello@sunydutchess.edu

Margaret Craig
Associate Professor of Art History 
Visual Arts Program Chair
Office: W-014
Phone: (845) 431-8617
Email: mcraig@sunydutchess.edu

Juan Garcia-Nunez
Associate Professor of Visual and Media Arts
Office: W-017
Phone: (845) 431-8622
Email: garcia@sunydutchess.edu

Elizabeth Gerbi
Instructor of Musical Theatre
Office: D-213
Phone: (845) 431-8620
Email: elizabeth.gerbi@sunydutchess.edu

Lindsey Guile
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Office: W-018
Phone: (845) 431-8613
Email: lindsey.guile@sunydutchess.edu

Lowell Handler
Associate Professor of Photography
Office: W-015
Phone: (845) 431-8616
Email: handler@sunydutchess.edu

Margeaux Lippman Hoskins
Instructor of Speech
Office: D-207
Phone: (845) 431-8591

Holly McCabe
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Office: W-016
Phone: (845) 431-8615
Email: holly.mccabe@sunydutchess.edu

Camilo Rojas
Professor of Communication and Media Arts
Office: CBI-210A
Phone: (845) 431-8627
Email: rojas@sunydutchess.edu

Dana Weidman
Professor of Communications and Media Arts
Communications and Media Arts Program Chair
Office: CBI-109
Phone: (845) 431-8612
Email: weidman@sunydutchess.edu

The department also employs approximately 40 part-time instructors each academic year. For contact information, email Marie Vivirito at vivirito@sunydutchess.edu.