AHBS Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Karen Ingham
Department Chair and Assistant Professor
Department of Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Program Chair, Clinical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy (MLT, PDC)
Office: W-313
Phone: (845) 431-8321
Email: ingham@sunydutchess.edu 

Teresa Burke
Assistant Professor
Program Lead, Public Health
Office: W-316
Phone: (845) 431-8325
Email: teresa.burke@sunydutchess.edu

Bernadette Cekuta
Coordinator of Emergency Services, Paramedic Program (PAR)
Office: CBI-240E
Phone: (845) 431-8395
Email: cekuta@sunydutchess.edu

Mark Condon
Office: W-315
Phone: (845) 431-8322
Email: condon@sunydutchess.edu

Dinor Dhanabala
Assistant Professor
Office: W-318
Phone: (845) 431-8317
Email: dinor.dhanabala@sunydutchess.edu

Katherine Espinosa
Assistant Professor
Office: W-317
Phone: (845) 431-8333
Email: katherine.espinosa@sunydutchess.edu

Sandra Fraley, Ph.D.
Office: W-316
Phone: (845) 431-8330
Email: fraley@sunydutchess.edu 

Elizabeth Justin
Professor, Program Chair, Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAX)
Office: W-317
Phone: (845) 431-8331
Email: justin@sunydutchess.edu

Richard Kirker
Assistant Professor
Office: W-315
Phone: (845) 431-8320
Email: kirker@sunydutchess.edu

Gordon Lake
Office: W-314
Phone: (845) 431-8319
Email: gordon.lake@sunydutchess.edu 

Mariana Melo
Assistant Professor
Office: W-320
Phone: (845) 431-8328
Email: mariana.melo@sunydutchess.edu

Nancy Perretta
Office: W-320
Phone: (845) 431-8337
Email: nancy.perretta@sunydutchess.edu

Carolyn Rounds
Associate Professor
Office: W-319
Phone: (845) 431-8332
Email: carolyn.rounds@sunydutchess.edu

Tara Sweet-Flagler
Associate Professor, Program Chair, Exercise Science and Wellness (ESW)
Office: W-318
Phone: (845) 431-8336
Email: sweet@sunydutchess.edu

Deborah VanBuren
Associate Professor
Office: W-319
Phone: (845) 431-8334
Email: vanburen@sunydutchess.edu