AHBS Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Karen Ingham
Department Chair and Assistant Professor
Department of Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Program Chair, Clinical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy
Office: W-313
Phone: (845) 431-8321
Email: ingham@sunydutchess.edu 

Teresa Burke
Office: W-316
Phone: (845) 431-8325
Email: teresa.burke@sunydutchess.edu

Bernadette Cekuta
Coordinator of Emergency Services, Paramedic Program
Office: CBI-240E
Phone: (845) 431-8395
Email: cekuta@sunydutchess.edu

Mark Condon
Office: W-315
Phone: (845) 431-8322
Email: condon@sunydutchess.edu

Dinor Dhanabala
Assistant Professor
Office: W-318
Phone: (845) 431-8317
Email: dinor.dhanabala@sunydutchess.edu

Katherine Espinosa
Assistant Professor
Office: W-317
Phone: (845) 431-8333
Email: katherine.espinosa@sunydutchess.edu

Sandra Fraley, Ph.D.
Office: W-316
Phone: (845) 431-8330
Email: fraley@sunydutchess.edu 

Elizabeth Justin
Associate Professor
Office: W-317
Phone: (845) 431-8331
Email: justin@sunydutchess.edu

Richard Kirker
Assistant Professor
Office: W-315
Phone: (845) 431-8320
Email: kirker@sunydutchess.edu

Gordon Lake
Office: W-314
Phone: (845) 431-8319
Email: gordon.lake@sunydutchess.edu 

Mariana Melo
Assistant Professor
Office: W-320
Phone: (845) 431-8328
Email: mariana.melo@sunydutchess.edu

Nancy Perretta
Office: W-320
Phone: (845) 431-8337
Email: nancy.perretta@sunydutchess.edu

Carolyn Rounds
Assistant Professor
Office: W-319
Phone: (845) 431-8332
Email: carolyn.rounds@sunydutchess.edu

Tara Sweet-Flagler
Associate Professor, Program Chair, Exercise Science and Wellness (ESW)
Office: W-318
Phone: (845) 431-8336
Email: sweet@sunydutchess.edu

Deborah VanBuren
Associate Professor
Office: W-319
Phone: (845) 431-8334
Email: vanburen@sunydutchess.edu

Conferred Part-Time Faculty

Cheryl Barnhill, Instructor
Kristy Bruse, Assistant Professor
Leslie Chason, Instructor
James Daley, Instructor
Sarah Hanson-Sullivan, Instructor
Edward Horton, Instructor
Robert Humphries, Instructor
Lance Johnson, Instructor
Deena Levitz, Instructor
Marianne Liakos, Instructor
Erich Markert, Instructor
Debora, Mautone, Professor
Ashley Meyerson, Instructor
Charles Moore, Instructor
David Moore, Instructor
Leslie Quick, Instructor
Shawn Sawyer, Instructor
David Seaman, Instructor
Christine Secor, Instructor
Kathleen Seyfert, Instructor
Arthur Smith, Instructor
Brian Sohan, Instructor
Douglas Stuart, Instructor
Magda Toro, Instructor
James Wherry, Instructor
Katherine Whitman, Instructor