Tutors and Staff

Student Tutors and Staff, Spring 2023

Student Tutors

Aminah Augustin-Muhammad    
Aminah Augustin-Muhammad    
Brianna DiLoreto    
Caleb Grey    


Student Aides

Ernestine Williams   Melody Burke


Professional Staff

gavin   Eric Tomik
Dana Gavin
Acting Director of the Writing Center
  Eric Tomik
Teaching Lab Assistant, Writing Center Computer Lab
Jeffrey Canino   sabrina lopez
Jeffrey Canino
Professional Tutor and Coordinator of Student Academic Persistence
  Sabrina Lopez
Professional Tutor
Henry Ricci   Sabatelli
Henry Ricci
Professional Tutor
  Chris Sabatelli
Professional Tutor
Mary Ann Zuccaro    
Mary Ann Zuccaro
Professional Tutor




Writing Center

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