Chem Lab FAQs

1. What do I do if I miss a lab?

All the labs must be performed in order to pass chemistry. That means you will get a failing grade if the labs are not made up. Try to attend lab unless you find yourself in a dire emergency.  If you have a true emergency, first contact your professor to let him or her know that you will not be in attendance. Then contact the lab assistant to schedule a time to make up the lab. Do this as soon as possible. It only gets worse the longer you wait. Further information on make-up policies and the lab schedule can be found on this website.

2. How do I make up a lab?

Labs must be made up within two weeks of the regularly scheduled lab period. They must be made up when another lab is going on, and they must be scheduled two days ahead of time with the lab assistant. For more information, see the lab make-up policies.

3. What do I do if I want to drop my chemistry class?

Don't drop your class without talking to your professor. Sometimes extra help is all that is needed. Sometimes it's possible to switch to a more appropriate class if you were misplaced. If you are really sure that dropping your class is the best thing to do, you must turn in the chemistry key to the lab assistants and go to the registrar's office to drop the class.

4. What should I do if I have dropped my chemistry class?

You must check out of your lab drawer and turn in your chemistry key by bringing it to the staff at the lab. Please do this as soon as possible, before you forget or lose your key. There is a $10 fine if you don't check out your drawer and a $25 fine if you lose your key. Please do not give your key to Security or the Registrar’s Office.

5. What if I lose my chemistry key?

If you lose your key, you will be charged $25. This covers the cost of replacing the lock as well as the key. We will probably delay billing you until the end of the semester in hopes that the key will be found. If you find the key, even after you have been billed, please return it to receive a refund of the fee if the lock has not yet been changed.

6. How should I return my chemistry key?

You need to bring the key to Washington 236 to check out of your lab drawer. If you have any problems with this, contact the lab staff. Please do not give your key to Security or the Registrar’s Office.

7. How do I get tutoring?

Tutoring is free for DCC students. Learn more here. Tutoring is also available at the Math and Science Center. In addition, some students may be eligible for tutoring from CSTEP. Lab staff are also able to answer questions when they have time.

8. I've lost my lab manual.

This will not be an acceptable excuse for missing lab or pre-lab assignments. See the lab assistants. We have a few extra copies of the manual.