Proficiency Exams: Credit for Learning through Life Experience

Testing Services in Poughkeepsie and Fishkill are now open. Photo ID required. Appointments are required at Poughkeepsie and for remote (online) testing; for appointments at DCC @ Fishkill, call (845) 790-3610 or visit the Main Office.

Dutchess Community College will grant credits to a student for learning gained through life experience that is the equivalent of required and/or elective courses in the student’s curriculum. Procedures and requirements for earning proficiency credits based on life experience differ for required courses and elective courses and are as follows:

Required Courses/Proficiency Examinations

Matriculated students may earn credits for courses that are specifically required in their curricula, except for physical education courses, by earning acceptable scores on departmental proficiency examinations.  A non-refundable fee of $35, payable before registering for the examination, is charged for each proficiency exam attempted. Students must meet with the appropriate department head to gain approval to take a proficiency exam and to discuss the content and format of the exam. Proficiency exams must be taken before the semester in which credit is sought begins.  Students should plan ahead as the process could take at least 30 days to gain approvals, complete testing, and to be granted credits.

Steps to Schedule a Proficiency Exam:

1. If needed, students can print the Proficiency Request Form under “Learn More” or pick it up from the Testing Center – Student Services Center, room 104.

2. Students will then take the form to the program or department chair to get approval.

3. After they receive approval to take the exam, students will make their payment at Student Financial Services in Student Services Center, room 202.

4. Students will submit their completed form and schedule the exam with a Testing Center proctor.

To see more information about proficiency exams, please click on the button under “Learn More."

Photo ID required for testing.