Placement Test FAQs

Until further notice appointments are required for all placement tests. Please do not make an appointment for a placement test unless directed by the Admissions Office.

To schedule an appointment please go to

Students will need access to a computer, iPad or tablet that has a web camera and a microphone in order to take a test online.

Valid photo ID is also required. Appointments must be made a minimum of two days (48 hours) prior to the test date. Appointments are in 90-minute blocks of time. If more time is needed for a test, please book consecutive appointments.

Standard information below may vary during the COVID-19 pandemic remote teaching and learning period.


Q: What do I need to bring to testing?
A: You will need to bring:

1. Photo identification such as a driver's license, government ID, or school ID.
2. A pink Test Referral sheet which you obtain at the Admissions Office or at the Welcome Desk (2nd floor of Student Services Center).

Q: What is the cost of the test?
A: For DCC students there is no fee for placement testing services.

Q: How should I prepare for the test?
A: The follow links provide support material to prepare for placement test:

Q: How long is the test?
A: The length for the tests are as follows:

  • English – 90 minutes
  • Math – untimed
  • Versant – 50 minutes
  • Science – 40 minutes
  • Spanish – untimed
  • Ability to Benefit – untimed

Q: Can I retake the placement test?
A:  As a general rule, you may not retake the placement test, since the placement tests are designed to determine your level of placement in first semester courses. Scores are valid for two and a half years. It is extremely important that you take the test seriously and arrive well rested and feeling in good health for the tests. Applicants who did not place as well as they would have liked have the opportunity to retest after one year or completing an academic preparation program. Contact the Testing Center at (845) 790-3733 for more information.

Q: When will I get the results?
A:  Most results are available immediately.

Q: What must I do to receive testing accommodations?
A: For all placement tests and accommodation requests, contact the Office of Accommodative Services at (845) 431-8055 for information regarding documentation requirements. Testing accommodations must be approved by the Office of Accommodative Services prior to scheduling placement tests. Accommodations are not retroactive. Students must request accommodations before taking the placement tests. Students who opt to take placement tests without their accommodations are not eligible to re-test with accommodations.

Q: Can I fail the placement tests?
A: No. If, by the time you enroll in DCC, you have, or will have, a high school diploma or a High School Equivalency (HSE, formerly GED), you are automatically accepted. The placement test determines the proper courses for you to take during your first semester, and whether you are required to enroll in noncredit preparatory classes.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A:  Appointments are highly recommended. Walk-in testing is based on space availability; long wait times may occur. Appointments can be made for testing at the Main Campus by going to Testing is done year-round on the main campus, with schedules varying.

Appointments are required for the following:

  • Approved Accommodated Testing – Call (845) 790-3733 to schedule.
  • Ability to Benefit (ATB) testing. Call (845) 790-3733 to schedule.

Q: I live a distance from the campus. Is it possible to take the placement test at a site closer to where I live?
A: Yes, it is possible to take the ACCUPLACER WritePlacer essay for English placement at a remote site. All other placement tests must be taken at DCC.

Q: Where is testing located?
A: On the Main Campus, testing is held in the Testing Center which is in the Student Services Center, room 104.

Q: What is my next step after testing?
A: Confirm with the Office of Admissions that all documentation has been submitted prior to meeting with an academic coach in the ACT Center to register for classes.