SmartStart Program

image of SmartStart students

SmartStart is an intensive summer program designed to ensure a more seamless transition from high school or work life to college. SmartStart is free, fun, rewarding, nationally recognized for excellence and has proven to accelerate progress toward degree completion.

Students are invited to participate based on placement test results that indicate the need to enroll in two or more pre-college level courses. After a rigorous four-week program, students are given the opportunity to retake the placement test, often improving course placement, resulting in accelerated progress towards graduation.

The three-year graduation rate for SmartStart students exceeds local and national rates for today’s entering community college freshmen. Ongoing support services, such as learning assistance, tutoring in the Student Academic Success Center, peer mentoring and enrichment activities, continue a student’s support beyond the summer program.

Students do not pay any fees for this valuable program. 

View or download the SmartStart brochure.

Call the Office of Academic Services at (845) 431-8090 for more information and to reserve a seat in our SmartStart program!