EOP Services

Educational Opportunity Program Services at DCC

The goal of the EOP office is to provide guidance with comprehensive services that support the success, retention and graduation of its students. These services include:

An Orientation Session: New incoming students are required to attend an orientation session prior to the start of each semester. At this time they have the opportunity to become familiar with the expectations of the program as well as to meet staff and fellow students. An individual meeting is required of all students in order to put in place an academic study plan with consideration to their individual needs.

Guidance is provided in academic, financial, personal, and career matters. Students are provided with individual academic advisement each semester to ensure that proper progress in the curriculum is maintained. Anticipated needs such as study time, work schedules, books and supplies expenses are addressed here. EOP advisors are experienced in academic advising, study skills, personal counseling, promotion of cultural diversity, financial aid and student accounting procedures, and leadership and career development. Students learn how every aspect of the college experience is inter-connected.

Tutoring: Students are expected to utilize the tutoring services provided for them through EOP funding. Our staff includes an English and math instructor to assist in those areas. We will also assist in meeting other tutoring needs through additional campus resources.

Textbook Library: EOP has a revolving textbook library available for students who are unable to obtain all their required textbooks in a timely manner; individual needs are assessed by a counselor.

Seminars and Workshops: Practical skills are emphasized in our workshops throughout the year. A variety of seminars are offered to assist decision-making and student development; these include financial aid, time management, study skills, leadership skills, conquering test anxiety, and effective listening.


Educational Opportunity Program

Doris Diaz-Kelly
Assistant Dean of Student Services and Director, EOP
Orcutt Student Services Center
Room 303
53 Pendell Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone (845) 431-8039