Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CSTEP you must:

1. Be a full-time student (12 or more credit hours).

2. Be matriculated in one of the following curricula:

  • Accounting (ACC)

  • Business Admin. Transfer (BAT)

  • Child Care (CHC)

  • Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • Computer Science (CPS)

  • Criminal Justice (CRJ)

  • Electrical Technology (ELT)

  • Engineering Science (ENR)

  • Liberal Arts-Humanities (LAH)*

  • Liberal Arts-Math (LAM)

  • Liberal Arts-Science (LAX)

  • Liberal Arts-Education (EDB, EDX, EDS, EDE***, EDC***)

  • Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

  • Mental Health Assistant (CMH)

  • Nursing (NUR)

  • Exercise Science & Wellness (ESW)**

* - If expressed career goal is in law, social work, or psychology
** - If career goal is medicine or Licensed Athletic Trainer.
*** - With science or math concentration.

3. Fit one of the following criteria:

A. Be a member of what is considered to be a historically underrepresented minority in the sciences and technologies (Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Alaskan Native).


B. Qualify as economically disadvantaged based on family income and family size as defined by the state of New York.