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CSTEP Students in the Purchase College Bridges Summer Research Program 2020

Seven DCC CSTEP students participated in an on-line Purchase College 2020 Summer Research Program. The Bridges Summer Research Program operated in a modified six-week format. The on-line program had the same goals as the originally planned, on-site program, but in a condensed format. Students engaged in a mixture of workshops, professional development activities, and a solid month of on-line research with Purchase faculty.

Twenty students including the seven CSTEP students from Dutchess Community College participated in the program. They worked in four groups of five students in each group. Each group was led by a faculty member who mentored them and provided guidance with their research projects. Meetings were held via Zoom. Students also worked cooperatively with each other using Zoom. At the end, students presented their research work in a virtual student research presentation. The research projects conducted by DCC CSTEP students are listed below:

1. Using bioinformatics and comparative genomics to help investigate the function of novel nuclear envelope fusion proteins

Research Assistants: Johana Sanchez

2. Antifungal Agents from Plants

Research Assistants: Ariel Del Castillo and Shenequa Randall

3. Interracial Interactions and Executive Functioning

Research Assistants: Lori LaVacca

4. Harmful Algal Blooms in the Lower Hudson Valley

Research Assistants: Allysia Yanez, Arianna Luna, and Nicodea Simms

SURC 2019: SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference


CSTEP event

Six DCC students represented DCC at the SURC 2019, SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference, on Friday, April 26, 2019 at SUNY Farmingdale State College. Four LAX majors presented their research, which was also previously showcased at the Annual CSTEP Conference in mid-April. LAX major Flavio Loja (first-place winner at the Annual CSTEP Conference) gave a presentation. Flavio highlighted his research “Investigating the Impact of Groundwater Depletion on Sea Level Rise.” Allysia Yanez also gave a presentation on her work “Identifying the Source and Chemical Composition of Air Pollutants in the Hudson Valley”. Ariel Del Castillo and Paula Cuba shared their research about “Analyzing the Source and Chemistry of Anthropogenic and Natural Aerosols in NYC.”


27th Annual CSTEP Statewide Student Conference

CSTEP Conference

LAX and LAM majors Flavio Loja and Luke Rhoades awarded first place in the Engineering category highlighted DCC's dominance in the category at the 27th Annual CSTEP Statewide Student Conference on April 12-14, 2019 at the Sagamore. Mentored by the CSTEP Director Adjiwanou Gbagba, Luke and Flavio excelled in the competition with their research of on “Investigating the Impact of Groundwater Depletion on Sea Level Rise” which was based on research Adjiwanou originally conducted back in 2009. Nine CSTEP students including Kaila Lasher as DCC ambassador, 2 CSTEP staff members, and 2 college faculty members as judges, Dr. Jessica Geer (Chemistry) and Gary Bolduc (Mathematics) represented DCC at the conference. Additional research presenters who made DCC proud were Allysia Yanez with her research on “Identifying the Source and Chemical Composition of Air Pollutants in the Hudson Valley” as well as Ariel Del Castillo and Paula Cuba with their research on “Analyzing the Source and Chemistry of Anthropogenic and Natural Aerosols in New York City” all in the field of Environmental Science.