Placement Testing

To ensure academic success in college, it's important that full-time and matriculated part-time students are placed into classes that are consistent with their current level of academic ability. This is why most students must take placement tests prior to registering for classes. Some students may be exempt from certain tests; the Admissions Office will determine which placement tests you need. These are the tests we use:

  • WritePlacer Essay (ACCUPLACER) for English course placement
  • Lumen OHM for Math course placement
  • Biology placement test for the Nursing Program
  • WebCape for Spanish course placement
  • Versant for ESL (English as a Second Language) course or English course placement
  • Classic ACCUPLACER for Ability to Benefit

Scheduling Placement Testing

Appointments are highly recommended; see office hours here. Walk-in testing is based on space availability; long wait times may occur.

Please click here to schedule a placement test. If you need help scheduling your test, please see the following document: Setmore Scheduling Instructions or call (845) 431-8090.

Testing Accommodations

All accommodations MUST be approved by the Office of Accommodative Services (OAS) prior to scheduling placement tests with the Office of Academic Service and Testing. Calculator use may constitute a fundamental alteration of the test and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Contact OAS at (845) 431-8055 for information regarding documentation requirements needed to establish accommodations. Students will be notified in writing of approved accommodations.

Accommodations are not retroactive. Students who choose to take the placement test without accommodations may not re-take the placement test with accommodations.

More Information

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