Rematriculation After Dismissal

Students who are academically dismissed lose their matriculated status. They may appeal the dismissal through the Office of the Dean of Student Services. If the appeal is successful, the student is rematriculated and may resume full-time or part-time matriculated study.

If the dismissal is upheld, the student must meet one of three conditions in order to rematriculate: 1) Participate in a student success workshop and work with an assigned advisor/counselor; 2) Register for part-time studies for the next semester on a non-matriculated basis. If the student receives grades of C or better in six credits or more, he/she may then return to full-time or part-time matriculated study in the following semester; or 3) Register on a non-matriculated basis or remain non-enrolled for two semesters. The student may then reapply for full-time study (or part-time matriculated study) without meeting special conditions.

Dismissed students who have met the conditions for rematriculation must apply for rematriculation. Application for rematriculation should be initiated in the Office of Admissions. In all cases, the conditions specified to be rematriculated must have been satisfied or be in the process of being met at the time of application.

Students who are dismissed from either full- or part-time status and lose their matriculation are not eligible for financial aid from either federal or New York state sources.

If a student’s dismissal is successfully appealed, her or his financial aid may still be in jeopardy due to a lack of satisfactory academic progress.