Matriculation is the process by which a student becomes an official candidate for a degree or certificate at the College. Full-time students become matriculated through the initial registration process. Part-time students are not automatically matriculated, but are eligible to apply for matriculation after enrolling in one or more credit courses and submitting the Application for Admission. Part-time students are encouraged to matriculate to declare intent to complete the degree requirements as of the time of matriculation.

Student status is defined as follows:


Full-Time Student:

 A student enrolled for twelve or more credit hours during a semester.


Part-Time Student:

 A student enrolled in fewer than twelve credit hours during a semester.

Although the College reserves the right to modify courses or programs where appropriate, matriculated students in that circumstance will have an opportunity to use the waiver process to apply equivalent courses toward the completion of the degree or certificate. See also: Waiver of Program Requirement.