Grade Appeals

If a student wishes to discuss a grade that he/she has received for a test, an assignment or the final grade in a course, the initial step is for the student to meet with the instructor to resolve the concern in an informal manner. The meeting must be requested within 30 calendar days after receipt of a grade for a test or assignment, or by the end of the second week of the following semester after receipt of a grade for the course.
If this meeting does not result in a satisfactory resolution of the concern, within 14 days, the student should obtain a Grade Appeal Form from the academic department secretary, the Office of Student Services or from the Office of Academic Affairs, and initiate a formal grade appeal. The student should bring the completed form for Step 1 to the instructor’s department head, who will convene a meeting with the student and the faculty member in an attempt to achieve an equitable outcome. A complete description of the formal grade appeal process may be found in the Campus Code of Conduct available online.