Students attending a SUNY four-year institution or community college may be permitted to take courses at other SUNY four-year institutions or community colleges without incurring additional tuition charges. Students can apply for cross registration by filling out the online application at

Home Institution: SUNY institution where the student is enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program.

Host Institution: SUNY institution that agrees to allow the student to enroll in coursework while still pursuing a degree or certification program at the home institution.

Students must be a matriculated undergraduate, and be attending full or part-time at their home institution. Students are limited to six credits of undergraduate cross-registered coursework. Cross-registered courses must be applicable toward degree or certificate requirements. If DCC is the home institution the cross registration will only be approved if the options available at DCC impede on the students time to degree completion. Students cross-registering at a community college are required to provide a certificate of residence to the institution. Students registering through a SUNY Cross-Registration agreement are not charged tuition at the host institution, but may be liable for course-related fees.