Courses that Emphasize Diversity

Art of China and Japan

ART 103

Introduction to World Archeology

BHS 214

Diverse Early Childhood / Elementary Classrooms

ECH 254

Greek and Roman Literature

ENG 212

Russian Literature in Translation

ENG 221

Women in American Literature

ENG 223

African American and Black Literature

ENG 224

Issues and Ideas in Caribbean Literature

ENG 225

Introduction to Women's Studies

ENG 234

Contemporary International Literature

ENG 264

Selected Global Literary Studies

ENG 267

Cultural Analysis of Caribbean Literature

ENG 280

World Film

FLM 243

Geography of Europe, the Middle East and Africa

GEO 101

Geography of Asia, the Pacific, the Western Hemisphere

GEO 102

Global Politics

GOV 219

Women’s Health Issues

HED 125

African American History

HIS 209

The Holocaust in History

HIS 210

History of Women in the US

HIS 214

History of China

HIS 217

History of Vietnam

HIS 220

Intercultural Communication

SPE 219


Other courses listed in SUNY Other Worlds:


BHS 204

Sociology of Religion

BHS 210

Dance History

DAN 108

Environmental Economics

ECO 121

The War in Vietnam

GOV 220

History of World Civilization before 1700

HIS 107

History of World Civilization since 1700

HIS 108

History of Russia and the Soviet Union

HIS 207

Major Religion of the World

PHI 203