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About the LGBTQIA+ of DCC Committee

The LGBTQIA+ of DCC Committee seeks to create an inclusive campus environment through academic and networking events and activities for all.

Working with student clubs like the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)  and the Masquers' Guild Theatre Club, the committee sponsors or co-sponsors events such as:

  • National Coming Out Day and LGBTQ Spirit Day activities.
  • Campus performances opening night receptions.
  • Information sharing through panel discussions, displays and celebrations.

Serving as one of the president’s ad hoc committees, LGBTQIA+ of DCC is a key advisory body ensuring that the College continues to respond to the changing needs of the campus LGBTQIA+ community. As LGBTQIA+ advocates, the committee promotes and lobbies for policies, procedures and practices that affect the well-being and quality of life for the LGBTQIA+ community and offers recommendations and suggestions for enhancements.

What We Offer

  • Speakers bureau: The committee can make guest speaker recommendations and offer contact information.
  • Research and teaching support: The committee can offer support for scholarly research and teaching in the areas of LGBTQ studies and related inclusive pedagogical ideas.

Accomplishments Spotlight

  • Educated staff on student name policy usage.
  • Successfully advocated for more gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Introduced a DCC commencement tradition through the wearing of lavender tassels by committee members.

Meet the Committee

  • Lindsey Guile, Chair
    • Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
  • Jay Brown
    • EOP Counselor
  • Dana Gavin
    • Part-time Instructor of English
  • Michael Hall
    • Chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences, Program Chair of the Liberal Arts Teaching Program, and Professor of Psychology, Department
  • John Howell
    • Instructor of Music
  • Mary Ramaglia
    • Program Assistant in DCC’s Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
  • Tom Trinchera
    • Assistant Librarian


Campus Partners

Community Partners