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New Fishkill Site to Bring Convenience, Flexibility and Innovation

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It’s a small move but a big deal for those who live, work or commute in or near southern Dutchess: The College’s 30-year-old Wappinger site is relocating to Fishkill. The new facility will offer a state-of-the-art learning environment, flexible scheduling options and ample parking, as well as the additional convenience afforded by its location at the intersection of Route 9 and Interstate 84.   

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Dutchess Community College’s new facility offers a state-of-the-art learning environment, flexible scheduling options and ample parking, as well as the additional convenience afforded by its location at the intersection of Route 9 and Interstate 84.

Serving both traditional students and those starting or returning to college, DCC@Fishkill is a vibrant and transformative teaching and learning environment offering a range of programs for personal, professional and career development. With an enhanced focus on the academic areas of business, hospitality, criminal justice and information technology, the facility also provides a host of student support services including advising and workforce development resources.

The 47,000 square foot DCC@Fishkill facility features:

  • An expansive administrative area with flex offices for student services personnel, including financial aid, registrar, and staff associated with the Academic, Career and Transfer Center (ACT).

  • Twenty digitally equipped “smart” classrooms fitted with mobile tables to allow for alternate seating arrangements.

  • An oversized lecture/classroom that can accommodate 66 people in a table setup or 90 in theater-style.

  • A versatile and fully equipped biology lab designed to allow coursework and lab instruction to take place in the same room. Designed to accommodate high level biology classes, the space features scientific equipment and instruments, including fume hoods and safety apparatus.

  • A physical sciences lab that includes a range of benchtop equipment and features a room layout with breakout tables ideally suited to explaining experiments and providing tutorials in small groups.

  • Three computer labs with pop-up desks that can accommodate space-saving monitor and keyboard storage.

  • A computational multi-purpose design lab that features 36 computers set up in a classroom-style with pop-up tables, and six group work areas with additional computers that can be tapped for project work.

  • A computer classroom with an internal network that allows courses in cyber security and other related classes to work on an independent network.

  • Two flexible collaborative work rooms designed for focused study, group learning, and everything in between.

  • A library with a laptop bar that allows for maximum productivity—whether it is for studying or typing on a laptop—as well as computer workstations and soft seating areas.

  • A tutoring area, complete with computers and flexible work areas.

  • A placement and high stakes testing area.  

  • Multiple faculty office areas that offer a combination of quiet workspaces and conversation corners.

  • Multiple student lounge areas with seating arrangements that can be reconfigured for individuals or group gatherings.

  • Classroom space to accommodate high school equivalency (HSE) and English as a second language (ESL) learning and teaching.

  • A security desk with full coverage of the DCC @ Fishkill facility with cameras viewable on-site as well as on the main campus in Poughkeepsie.

  • A high-speed WiFi network and internet access for capable devices throughout the building.

  • The facility is fully compliant with the appropriate Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements.

Construction update 1/11/2021. We're almost there!

So much progress going on! Construction update 5/21/2020.

Drywall going up! Construction update 3/20/2020.

Making progress! Construction update 2/20/2020.

Check out this construction update at the new site!

Catch a sneak peek at the construction going on at the new DCC @ Fishkill site!