Campus Security

DCC Office of Safety and Security

The College endeavors to make the campus as secure as possible for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Security is available on campus 24 hours a day and emergency phones are located by the elevators in all buildings.

The Security Office handles parking violations, electronic surveillance, emergency transport, assistance with car trouble, etc. Students encountering an emergency or difficulty while on campus are encouraged to report concerns or incidents to the Security Office at (845) 431-8070.

Escort services to your car are provided. Call ext. 8070 if you require an escort to the parking lots.

Who to Call in Case of an Emergency

In an emergency, call ext. 4911 from any internal campus phone. 

There are also emergency phones located in or near all parking lots on campus. These phones are marked with blue lights and connect directly to the Security Office. Other emergency phones are located throughout campus elevators and some stairwells.

Services Available

  • Escort service: call ext. 8070.
  • Campus patrols: 24 hour-a-day schedule.

Counseling services for individuals in crisis is available through the Counseling Office, SSC 301, ext. 8040.

Jeanne Clery Act Crime Statistics- PDF

2014 Campus Security and Safety Report- PDF

2014 Fire Safety Report- PDF