Focus 2

Focus 2 is an interactive online career and education planning system made specifically for college students. Focus 2 begins by helping you to find out more about where you are in the career decision making process. From there you can:

  • Take a self-assessment to learn about your work interests, personality, skills, values and leisure interests
  • Explore careers and majors
  • Develop an action plan

Focus 2 will help you to learn about specific careers and provide detailed information on a wide range of career options. To utilize Focus 2, click on the link below. You will be asked to set up your own Focus 2 account and will then need to enter the access code below. The access code is case sensitive. If this is your first time using Focus 2, it is recommended that you meet with a career professional at C&CS for guidance.

Focus 2

Access Code: Falcons

If you have and questions about utilizing Focus 2, feel free to contact C&CS at (845) 431-8040.