Thirty-Seven Students Receive Awards from DCC Teachers Union

May 10, 2012 – Dutchess United Educators (DUE), the teachers union of Dutchess Community College, recently honored 37 students for academic excellence at the 27th Annual DUE Awards for Academic Excellence.

Twenty-two students were nominated by professors for individual DUE Awards, while 15 other students received special awards, which are given by entire academic departments or in honor of past DCC faculty and staff members.

The 22 individual award winners were: James Bagiackas (Hyde Park), Ilyanette Bernabel (Poughkeepsie), Christine Caragiulo (Highland), Alyssa Douglass (Poughkeepsie), Michelle Hall-Hargrove (Wappingers Falls), Kelsey Hillerud (Poughkeepsie), Emma Hogan (Pleasant Valley), Jessica Jackson (Hopewell Junction), Kevin Jayne (Pleasant Valley), Vanessa Jimenez (Brewster), Amina Kearney (Poughkeepsie), Aslean Krouser (Poughkeepsie), Kathy Lederman-Miller (Poughkeepsie), Roberta Muscarella (Pleasant Valley), Berlini Narampanawe (Poughkeepsie), Candace Neider (Poughkeepsie), Paul Parrales (West Point), Victoria Prashad (Lagrangeville), Marissa Teator (Pleasant Valley), Kyle Teller (Hyde Park), Tyler Wallace (Pleasant Valley) and Morgan Yu (Poughquag).

The 15 special award winners were as follows: Barbara Cady (Poughquag), the Department of Behavioral Sciences Award; Jennifer Alexy (Lagrangeville), the Department of Business Award; Francis McGrath (Highland), the Department of English and Humanities Award in Creative Writing; Adam Carlock (Wappingers Falls), the Department of Mathematics, Physical and Computer Sciences Award in Mathematics; Allyson Hammer (Brewster), the Department of Nursing Award; Judith Lopez (Poughkeepsie), the Founders’ Award in Memory of Cynthia Feldman; Stephen Burgess (Poughkeepsie), the Visual Arts Award in Memory of Lowell Butler; Michelle Lee Williams (Rhinebeck), the Visual Arts Award in Ceramics in Memory of Lynette McKinney; Kasey Calnan (Fishkill), the Physical Sciences Award in Memory of Richard P. O’Connor; David Mery (Poughkeepsie), the Biological Sciences Award in Memory of Rochel Stein; Amanda Harter (Poughkeepsie), the Business Technologies Award in Memory of George N. Freedman; Geraldine Almanzar-Gomez (Beacon), the Academic Excellence Award in Memory of Sabra Toback; Kristen Munoz (Poughkeepsie), the Academic Award in Honor of Mary Louise Van Winkle; Tristan Zukowski (Poughkeepsie), the Political Science Award in Honor of Richard Reitano; and Jose Feliciano (Kingston), the Legacy Award in Honor of Lewis Krevolin.

In addition, DCC Nursing Department Head Toni Doherty was presented with a 2011 DUE Honorary Award recognizing her career-long contributions to supporting academic excellence at DCC.