Holocaust Documentary Created by DCC Students Released Online

January 15, 2014 – This past summer, students in the Overseas Documentary Production class at Dutchess Community College traveled to three countries and eight Holocaust sites to produce a half-hour documentary film. Entitled “Civil Courage,” the film can be viewed here.

The documentary about the Holocaust Study Abroad program at DCC was edited and produced by DCC students Alyssa D’Adamo, Adrianne Davis, Rosa Knaus and Dan Tornelli. The filmmakers traveled from Nuremburg, Germany to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Memorial in Poland to obtain their footage. D’Adamo and Davis suggested that the focus of the film could be Civil Courage, a term used to describe people who stood up to the Nazi regime and helped Jews, often losing their own lives in the process.

“We visited a small town in the Czech Republic called Lidice that was literally wiped off the map by the Nazis,” said Dana Weidman, associate professor and chair of Communications and Media Arts. “It's one thing to hear of atrocities or read about them in books, but when you are there, it's real.”

The film made its premiere at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck in December.