DCC Students Create Documentary About Area Antislavery History Project

This spring, a group of students in Associate Professor Dana Weidman’s COM 250 Advanced Video Production class (Jason Alfonso, Edith Morris, Elise Greenage and Jordan Thomas) produced a documentary about the Mid-Hudson Antislavery History Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing not just the area’s role in the antislavery movement but bringing it into a broader context of racial slavery in the New World. The students interviewed several members of this historical project and then asked Professor of Communication and Design Eric Somers to make a digital recording of a performance of the Antislavery Singers at the First Congregational Church in Poughkeepsie. Encouraged by the talent of the singers, the students realized they had something more than the five-minute promo video that the class is normally assigned. With the interviews and the singers, the student production team had enough material for a 20-minute documentary.

The documentary debuted as a private screening for the members of the history project and the singers at DCC’s James and Betty Hall Theatre. It was then screened at the Eli Jaffe Competition in Rhinebeck’s Upstate Films on May 19, where it was selected as a finalist. The documentary will run later this month on Cablevision in Wappingers Falls as part of the DCC Presents Series. You can see the documentary here.