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Channel your Inner Zaha (Architecture 2 hour workshop) (ARC) - Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi born architect. She studied mathematics before becoming an architect, and her designs are strongly based in geometry patterns. Zaha takes traditional architectural elements like floors, walls, and roofs and reassembles them as what she calls "a new fluid, kind of spatiality" of multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry, designed to embody the chaotic fluidity of modern life. Students will use Google Sketch Up design software to explore the geometry of architectural design as they create their own spaces and buildings.

Phooling with Physics (AST) - See physics in action as we catch lightning in a bottle, grow giant marshmallows and do things your mother would not approve of with a microwave oven.

The Magic of Computer Technology on Pictures (ECN) - With the switch from film technology to digital photography the world of photographic imaging has been dramatically changed by computer algorithms capable of modifying images in ways unimaginable in the film world. This workshop will explore the excitement of computer technology in the service of visual fun and creativity. It will also tell you how to get into this field both as a user of this advanced computer software and as a developer of this technology.

Fire: It`s More than Just Hot (FIR) - Fire is a phenomenon that has been around forever and that we use on a regular basis. But what exactly is "fire?" What really happens when something catches fire? Why do some things burn vigorously while others are very reluctant to burn at all? Fire is fire, right? Not really. In this lively session we will dive into the science of fire, discuss and show why different materials burn differently and the by-products of fire (toxic gasses, heat, light, etc.).

How Divine! (FLD) - Learn about one of the most beautiful numbers found everywhere in nature. Not only is it found in nature, it is found in YOU! Come find out how divine you are!

Whodunit? A Forensic Investigation (FOR) - Forensic investigation has been around for years. With the many CSI shows on TV, the general public is now very familiar with this branch of science. In this workshop, you will act as a criminalistics technician, analyzing evidence collected at the scene of a hypothetical crime. By using the real-life forensic techniques of fiber analysis and chromatography, you will determine the probability of guilt of several suspects.

Behavior Lessons from Bones (FOS) - In this workshop, students will play the part of a Paleontologist by determining the behaviors of extinct animals using only their bones! Since these animals are extinct and we can no longer see how they moved or what they ate, students will make observations about similar characteristics seen in animals alive today. By finding the similarities between fossils and living animals, we will solve the mystery of how animals behaved who have not walked the Earth for millions of years!

Fun With Chemistry: Invisible Inks (FWC) - Invisible Inks, chemical substances capable of appearing/disappearing acts, have been used in a variety of ways. Examples include: practicing steganography (writing hidden messages), conducting espionage (spying), distinguishing legitimate from counterfeit money, marking belongings to assist in recovery after theft, and stamping concert goers hands for re-admittance. In this workshop, you`ll explore the handling, use, and development of substances that can be used as invisible inks -- some of which you can find in your own home!

The Benefits of Money for Trading (GAM) - Students will participate as children of colonial farmers in a simulation of a market. They will first barter, exchanging the goods they produced for other goods. Then, in a second round, they will trade again, using money as the medium of exchange.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter (HOM) - You are in a forensic lab and have a heart that has stopped beating. Explore the heart as you look for the cause of death. You will be looking at real animal hearts.

Geometry, Tessellations, and the art of M.C. Escher (MGL) - M.C. Escher is a graphic artist who used the special properties of simple geometric shapes to create amazing interlocking patterns that look like fish, birds, lizards, butterflies, and even faces! In this exciting workshop, we will create our own tessellating shapes by using the mathematical methods of line translation, rotation, and reflection to make sure each piece fits together perfectly. We will look at M.C. Escher`s incredible art works and then create our own using papercut, tracing, and online computer software!

Astronomy: What is the Universe Made of? (MMW) - Have you wondered about what the universe is made of and how solar systems form? Now is your chance to find out! Using photos, explosive demos and a hands-on experiment, you will learn about how astronomers study the stuff that makes up our universe.

Chemical Wizardry (MND) - It looks like magic -- or is it? See some demonstrations of startling transformations of matter and movement of energy that the science of chemistry studies.

Craters, Craters Everywhere! (OCN) - Asteroids & meteorites - cosmic collisions - shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth,and continue to transform our galaxy. Do crater experiments. Explore how planetary geologists use impact craters on our Moon and other planets to estimate the relative age of their rocky surfaces.

Couture Genes, a Hands-on Genetics Workshop (PUZ) - Your genes are more than designer, they are uniquely crafted to produce a one-of-a-kind creation that is you. This workshop will endeavor to explain how the random assortment of inherited genes results in unique individuals that share traits with their parents. Participating young scientists will purify DNA from fruit, and get to see the stuff of the genome close up, discussion and activities will follow to understand single and multiple gene traits, with some human genetics exercises, as well as an activity to predict the genetics of corn plant parents from observing their resulting corncob babies!

Ready to Rocket (PWP) - Students will explore the concepts used to build rockets and apply what they have learned to build their own rocket. No explosives will be used and this workshop is not for someone who already has previously built rockets.

Fun with Sensors and Soldering (SNS) - Participants will build a light sensor. The activity includes soldering and learning about how electronic circuits work. Each participant will take home their sensor circuit.

In Search of Fossils (SOF) - Learn about plants and animals that lived 35 million years ago in the land we now call Florida. Sift through sediment to find fossilized clues to past life. Identify the fossils you find to start or add to your fossil collection.

Solar Cars (2 hour workshop) (SOL) - Learn from an industry professional about the science behind how solar power works and how solar power can be applied. Mark Courtney is head of the Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Technologies Dept. at Dutchess Community College and is an experienced solar energy engineer. In this workshop we will learn about how solar panels are manufactured and how they create electricity. Then we will build model cars that are powered completely by sunlight. We will also experiment with various model configurations to try to find the best solar car design.

Speaker: Dr. Lori Morton is a geneticist and molecular biologist (SPK) - Dr. Lori Morton is the Associate Director of Cardiovascular Research and Fibrosis Research at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Westchester County. She has a PhD in Genetics and Microbiology.