ENG 226: Popular Culture

Production of Culture

"Shoppers Who Can't have Secrets" by Natasha Singer

****"E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection" by Michael Moss

"Cellphone applications Let Shoppers Point, Click, and Purchase" by Stephanie Rosenbloom

"A Long Lusty Walk on a Short Pier" by Mike Albo

"Message in What We Buy But Nobody's Listening" by John Tierney

The Meatrix

"Ten Things Your Supermarket Won't Tell You" By Anne Kadet

"A Store Lures Guys Who are Graduating from Chinos" (Diesel jeans)

"24 Rolls of Toilet Paper, a Tub of Salsa and a Plasma TV" by Julie Bick

"Wal-Mart: The New Washington"

A show on PBS Frontline called The Persuaders

"The Soul of New Fast Food" by John Feffer

"For Corn Syrup, the Sweet Talk Gets Harder" by Melanie Warner


A few Fast Food Nation quotes:

One executive said, "Our competitors are our friends, and our customers are our enemies" (143).

Schlosser argues that the multinational corporations "feel no allegiance to any nation, no loyalty to any group of farmers, workers, or consumers" (248).

According to Schlosser, " The low price of a fast food hamburger does not reflect its real cost -- and should" (261).

One senator stated, "I do not believe that the great object in life is to make everything cheap" (266).

Schlosser hopes, "The real power of the American consumer has not yet been unleashed . . .  I remain optimistic" (269, 288).