Circuit of Culture

Lessig handout #1 -- 11/14


Group 1 -- 11/16


"Spotify Wants Listeners to Break Down Music Barriers" by Farhead Manjoo

****"The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson

"If Soundcloud Disappears, What Happens to Its Music Culture" by Jenna Worthham

 Optional (This can be read as a substitute for the Spotify or Soundcloud articles above): "How a Hit Happens Now" by Craig Marks




Group 2 -- 11/21

Read the following three articles.

"What was, is, and will be Popular" by Adam Sternbergh (only Sternbergh's section. Stop at Jessica Gross' article unless you want to read on . . .)

****"Defining and Demanding an Artist's Fair Shake in the Internet Age" by Ben Sisario

****"Inconspicuous Consumption" by Jeffrey Rosen

New addition: "How a Hit Happens Now" by Craig Marks 





Group 3 -- 11/28

new: "Activists Use Social Media to Prod Advertisers"

****"Multiscreen Mad Men"

***** "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by Nicholas Carr

optional/possible topic: "While We Weren't Looking, Snapchat Revolutionized Social Networks" by Farhad Manjoo

optional book review: "The Madness of Crowds" by John Tierney


Group 4 -- 11/30

Lessig handout #2

****Two Relationships to the Public Domain by Negativland (part 1 -- first nine sections + intro)
pages 239-250

Read at least the first article by Lazar. Consider Itzkoff's article as well if TV remixes are of interest.

Girl Talk

Skim: "In a Twist on the Remix, Fans Recut Series" by Dave Itzkoff

Optional Star Wars case study:

Optional (honors): "The Death of the Cyberflaneur" by Evgeny Morozov

Mash Ups

Lessig blog post about Kutiman 
Kutiman has created a youtube mix of youtube clips: Thru-You 
Maybe a better link -- all seven songs by Kutiman 
More on the Huffington Post

Video Remixes


Group 5 -- 12/5

Required: Lessig handout #3 regarding Harry Potter Wars

"Forget Ratings, "Orhan Black' Had the #CloneClub" by John Koblin

Skim: "Disney Ditching Netflix, Grabs a New key to the Kingdom"

All the rest are optional:

New: "When Fan Fiction and Reality Collide" by Amanda Hess

New: "'Galactic Hot Dogs' Hopes Readers on Funbrain will Buy at Bookstores"

"Twine, the Video Game Technology for All" by Laura Hudson

"Turning Microcelebrity Into a Big Business" by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

"The Woman with a Billion Clicks" by Amy O'Leary

"YouTube Takes on TV" by Mike Hale

"The Data Driven Life" by Gary Wolf

Skim or read if writing about YouTube: "When Funny Goes Viral" by Rob Walker





Older articles:

The Music Man by Lynn Hirschberg (pages bottom 5 to 6

"Spotify is the Coolest Music Service You Can't Use" by Neal Pollack




Group 6 optional for honors section

"The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism" by Jonathan Lethem


"How to Make a TV Drama in Age of Twitter" by Lorne Manly

"Why You Would Ever Give Money Through Kickstarter" by Rob Trump

Cultural Studies; Twitter's Secret Handshake" by Ashley Parker


"The Data Driven Life" by Gary Wolf

"Image Rights vs. Free Speech in a Video Game Suit" by Katie Thomas 

"You Tube Wants You to Sit and Stay Awhile"by Randall Stross

"Three Men and a Video Camera Out to Reveal Urban Truths" by David Gonzales

"A World of Megabeats and Megabytes" by Jon Pareles 

"You at Home, Put a Viral Spin on It" by Julie Bloom

"Antisocial Networking?" by Hilary Stoudt

"When History is Compiled 140 Characters at a Time" by Randall Stross

"If You Liked This, You're Sure to Love That" by Clive Thompson

Adbusters -- ads

"On the Internet, It's All About 'My'" by David Browne

"Tension Over Sports Blogging" by Tim Arango


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