Architecture Career Links


Career Possibilities

Our graduates find employment in the private and public sectors at the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional levels. Potential work situations include:

  • Architect offices, engineering consulting firms, including civil, mechanical, and electrical
  • Landscape architect offices
  • Construction management firms
  • Building contracting firms
  • Building developers
  • Computer drafting and mapping service companies
  • Construction material suppliers and producers (sales, shop drawings) 
  • Facilities planning offices including corporate, industrial, educational, and health service institutions
  • Project coordination for local, county, and state government agencies
  • Building inspection
  • Construction site inspection and testing companies

Transfer Possibilities

Qualified graduates of this program can expect to be accepted for further professional study at four- or five-year schools in a variety of related fields, including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and construction management.

Although the number of transfer credits accepted are ultimately at the discretion of receiving institutions, experience has shown that qualified Architectural Technology graduates can expect to transfer most, if not all, of their Dutchess Community College credits.

A sampling of receiving institutions include:

               School                                 Web Address               
Boston Architectural Center
SUNY Buffalo College of
New Jersey Institute of
Technology School of Architecture
New York Institute of
Association of Collegiate Schools
of Architecture
Pratt Institute (Architecture and
Interior Design)
Savannah College of Art and
Design (Arch. and Interior Design)
Syracuse University School of
Wentworth Institute (Architecture
and Interior Design)