DCC Dining – Hudson Hall Deli

K & D Deli located on the ground floor of Hudson Hall,  Falcon OneCard accepted M-TH, 7:00am to 6:00pm mon-thurs, Fri 7am to 3pm,   (845) 431-8397 
SPECIALS for the WEEK OF October 20th


Porky Pig- Honey roasted Ham, bacon, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, & honey mustard on a Hard Roll & sent through the "FIRE" $6.99

Cowboy Rueben- Grilled turkey, Pepper jack cheese, coleslaw & Thousand Island dressing on a toasted hard roll- $5.99


Cappy Melt- Cappicola Ham, roasted red peppers, red onion Provolone cheese with Italian dressing on a club roll and sent threw the fire!!!!- $5.99

Breaded HONEY Chicken Cutlet with Honey Ham & melted Swiss cheese, & honey Mustard on a Toasted Hard Roll- $6.99


Santa Barbara Club- Grilled Chicken with bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, tomato & mixed greens on a hard roll- $6.99

Cajun Beef- Roast beef, PepperJack Cheese, lettuce, roasted red peppers & Cajun Mayo on a Hard Roll- $5.99


El Paso Melt- Fuse Burger (Turkey Veggie Burger, all gluten free), with guacamole, salsa, Monterey jack Cheese on a Potato Roll. Also available Gluten free bread. $4.99

BBQ Honey Turkey Club Melt – Honey Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, bacon with Honey BBQ sauce on toasted Sour Dough bread and put through the FIRE!!!!!- $6.99


Herman Muenster- Grilled Deluxe Ham, melted Muenster cheese, pickles & a Honey Dijon dressing on a toasted hard roll- $5.99

SALAD! SALAD!SALAD!- Small toss salad with scoop of Tuna, Chicken or Egg salad and choice of salad dressing- $4.49

Daily Serving "The Infuse Burger” All Gluten Free - (Turkey Veggie) also we carry Gluten Free Bread!!!

Gluten Free Bread now available

All Specials can also be served on White, Wheat, or Rye bread for same price, or wraps & sub rolls for an additional charge.

Lunch sandwich specials served with bag of plain chips

Also serving daily: The Lite Lunch- 1/2 Tuna, Chicken or Egg Salad on choice of White, Wheat or Rye Bread with an 8oz soup- $4.99

Soup Prices: Small-$2.99 - Large-$3.99

Green Mountain Coffee is back

Top Selling Sandwiches:

Three's Company: crispy BBQ chicken tenders, bacon & cheddar cheese with ranch dressing. $6.99
Big Bird: breaded chicken cutlet, bacon, melted yellow american cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatos & chipotle mayo on a toasted hard roll. $6.99
The Mayflower: grilled ovengold turkey breast, crispy bacon & melted cheddar. $6.99
The Godfather: sliced roast beef, sauteed peppers & onions with melted cheddar cheese with a horseradish sauce dressing. $6.99
Chicken Little: grilled chicken, sauteed peppers & onions, cheddar cheese with a chipotle mayo drizzle. $6.99
Rocking Reuben: pastrami or corned beef, sauerkaut, swiss chees & thousand island dressing on NY rye.  $6.99
Hail Caesar: grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese & creamy caesar dressing on a whole wheat wrap. $6.99
Garden of Eatin: mixed field greens, tomatoes, cucunbers, onions, black olives, sweet peppers & roasted red peppers w/ balsamic Vinaigrette on a whole wheat wrap. $6.49
The Cubano: grilled chicken breast, pickles, monterey jack cheese & chipotle mayo on a toasted hard roll. $6.99