Mission Statement

The mission of Dutchess Community College is to provide open access to affordable, quality post-secondary education to citizens of Dutchess County and others. As a comprehensive community college, DCC offers college transfer and occupational/technical degree programs, certificate programs, lifelong learning opportunities, and service to the community. The College provides educational experiences that enable qualified students to expand their academic capabilities and further develop thinking and decision-making skills. By providing a full collegiate experience, the College seeks to ensure that all students achieve their individual potential.

The continuing institutional goals of Dutchess Community College have been reviewed by faculty, administration, and trustees of the College. They are as follows:

• To provide courses and programs to prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, as well as to prepare students for employment.

• To offer educational programs that provide for the acquisition of general knowledge and basic skills supporting opportunities for flexible, lifelong learning.

• To provide non-credit vocational, professional, and self-development courses and programs, and to offer public service activities for the community.

• To provide student support services to help students achieve their individual potential and participate in a full collegial experience by providing career, academic, and personal counseling.

• To assess the competencies of incoming students and provide an academic experience that will afford all students the opportunity to be successful.

• To maintain a policy of open access supported by outreach efforts to attract a diverse student population and offer continued support to ensure a diverse college community.

• To maintain an environment in which students recognize their social and political responsibilities to the community, the nation, and the world.

• To provide an intellectual and physical environment conducive to inquiry, expression, and learning.

• To promote effective communication that creates and maintains trust and respect within the college community.

• To provide opportunity for participation in college governance by members of the college community.

• To maintain excellence in teaching, learning, and administration by providing opportunities for professional development.

• To continually monitor and evaluate institutional effectiveness.

• To provide the local community with access to college sponsored cultural, intellectual, and recreational activities.

• To encourage a recognition and understanding of personal and cultural differences.