Becoming a Student

Whether you’re just starting your college education or returning to school, DCC is the perfect place to begin. Our tuition is the lowest of any college or university in the state, and remarkable opportunities await graduates when they transfer to other schools or enter the workplace.

The College offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs in areas including Business Communications, Engineering, Art, Computer Science, Performing Arts, Liberal Arts and Human Services.

In a recent SUNY survey, DCC students gave the College top marks for quality of education, availability of instructors outside of class, library and classroom facilities and dozens of other important factors.

For those looking for an on-campus living experience, DCC's suite-style residence hall is a great option.

If you’re thinking of applying:

■ Learn more about DCC at or at About DCC.

■ Learn about the costs of attending DCC and what kind of financial aid is available.

■ Check out our courses and programs.

■ Find out what academic resources we offer to help you succeed in college course work.

■ Sign up to reserve a spot for a student-guided tour and information session by calling 431-8010.

Download a map or get directions, and visit our beautiful campus on your own, or during one of our information sessions or Open Houses.

If you've decided to apply for admission:

■ Read about our admission requirements. Check out what you'll need if you plan to attend DCC as a full- or part-time student.

■ Simply click the Apply button that's at the top of every page of this website.

Once you’ve applied:

■ You may need to take placement tests. We’ll let you know if you do, and we recommend that you review some sample questions before you take the test.

■ Once your completed application has been accepted and you’ve taken any required placement tests, we’ll contact you about registering for classes.

Questions? Need more information? E-mail the admissions office.