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Concurrent enrollment, sometimes called dual credit, refers to a course where a student is earning both high school and college credit for one course, which is usually taught at the high school by a high school instructor (who has been approved by Dutchess Community College). At DCC, in-school concurrent enrollment courses taught by the high school instructor are offered at no cost to the student.

College Connection, DCC’s Concurrent Enrollment Program, is currently seeking accreditation from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) NACEP is a professional organization for high schools and colleges that fosters and supports rigorous concurrent enrollment. NACEP serves as a national accrediting body and supports all members by providing standards of excellence, research,communication, and advocacy. 

Students interested in participating in the College Connection program should discuss this option with their high school guidance counselor. Generally, students are high school juniors or seniors who have met the criteria for the course, as follows:

a. The student has taken the required DCC placement test and achieved the minimum score necessary, and 

b. has a demonstrated readiness to take a college level course, and

c. has successfully completed prerequisite classes.

More information about Dutchess Community College’s College Connection program is available in the Student Handbook.


College Connection Program

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Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
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Tim Decker
Director, DCC South
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High School Liaison