Student Success Videos

Student Success Videos

The Learning Center, Hudson 315 has the following videos available.

  • Motivation Key to Classroom Success
  • Making Good Grades
  • Testing: Become a Top-Notch Test-Taker
  • Study Secrets for Successful Students
  • How to Improve your GPA
  • Improve Your Reading Skills
  • Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades
  • Writing Center Workshop Series: Responding to Essay exam questions
  • Time Management - Skills for Success
  • Note Taking Skills for Success
  • Doing Research on the Internet
  • Writing Getting Started / Skills for Success
  • Academic Success for Dartmouth College Students- Time management
  • Test Taking without Fear
  • Academic Success Strategic Learning
  • Essay Exams & Note-taking with Rita Weber
  • Test-Taking Tactics

If students in need do not have time to view a video on campus, Dartmouth College provides the following on their web site:

Time Management - methods for getting organized and making better use of your time Time Management Video (17:50 minutes)

Notetaking - techniques for effectively recording and learning information from classes and lectures Notetaking Video (8:24 minutes)

Stress Management - learn more about stress and stress management techniques Stress Management Video

Reading Improvement - strategies for improving reading rate and comprehension Reading Improvement Video (10:48 minutes)

Strategic Learning - a three-step process for meaningfully understanding and retaining information Strategic Learning Video (9:00 minutes)