Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Dance

The Department of Health, Physical Education, Athletics, and Dance is a diverse group of professional educators dedicated to provide Dutchess Community College students with the knowledge and skills that will improve their overall quality of life.

Our purpose is to encourage health-promoting lifestyles by raising awareness and providing the information on health, fitness, and leisure issues that will result in positive behavioral changes. In meeting our goals we not only provide essential information on the health maintenance and the prevention of disease, but expose the students to a variety of lifetime leisure activities to enhance their physical, social and emotional health. This is accomplished through the courses offered along with intramural and inter-collegiate activities. We create an atmosphere conducive to working together to achieve mutual goals, along with developing a good self-image and self-esteem among our students.

We fulfill the general education segment of Dutchess Community College's mission while serving the special needs of those interested in pursuing careers in physical education, health related professions, and dance, for transfer to a four-year college or entrance into the work force.