Academic Success Center

Accommodative Services

Students are welcome to drop in without an appointment to use the Accommodative Services computer lab, located in Room 201 of the Student Services Center. Special programs available in this lab include “Zoom Text,” which enlarges print for easier reading; “Writing Out Loud,” which reads an essay back to a writer as he or she types; “Dragon Naturally Speaking,” which helps a student write essays by speaking his or her ideas; and the “Kurzweil Scanner Speaker,” which reads textbooks to the student. A lab technician is available to assist students with these programs and with word processing.

Academic Success Workshops

Academic Success Workshops are offered throughout the semester and are available to all students. Workshop topics include Time Management and Organizational Skills, Study Skills and Learning Styles, Textbook Reading, Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, and Communication Skills. Faculty may schedule the presentation of an Academic Success Workshop in a class by contacting Academic Services and Testing at (845) 431-8090.