Be a Tutor

Peer tutoring is a great way to help your fellow students and earn extra money!!

Requirements :

  • 3.0 CPA, with an A or B in the course being tutored, or strong recommendation of an instructor.
  • Must be a DCC student with a SUNYcard.
  • For additional information on the tutoring program and what it entails email:DCCTutoringProgram 
  • Print and complete the Tutor Application then come into H315 to sign up for tutor training.

 Additional requirements for Level 1 ITTPC/CRLA certification include:

  • 25 tutoring hours (No-shows do not count)
  • 10 hours of tutor training workshops (some workshops are required)
  • A self-evaluation, tutee evaluation, and coordinator evaluation

 Required Tutor Training Workshops:

  • 1  Hour New Tutor Orientation
  • 1 Hour New Student Worker Orientation
  • 1 Hour Supplemental Training
  • 1 Hour Active Listening
  • 1 Hour Critical Thinking