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We know that over the years, the Writing Center tutoring experience has spawned many lasting friendships.We'd like to keep in touch with you and give you a space where your fellow tutors and friends can see how you are doing.   Re-connect with colleagues and friends.

Attention Writing Center Alumni

Email Tom Denton ( ) a brief current bio and digital pic for our Alumni News column. We'll be glad to post for you.   You can, if you wish, include your updated contact information.

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picFrancis Dougherty ('10) Looking back at my time at Dutchess, I have no idea how I made it. Literally, I had to drive thirty five minutes every day, twice, to get there and back. And then there was the big issue: I had no car. For an entire semester an older man with the name Israeli Reichman drove me. Best pal I ever made. A little too hilarious. Other than that I relied on my mother’s brother’s father’s car. Or the loop bus. What a thrill. Six a.m. wake up, hour long drive, biggest headache figuring out how it works. Although I did polish the best essay I ever wrote on the thing. The WC was a huge relief. Taking the peer-tutor advanced composition course and tutoring for a semester kept me anchored, but most of all, it was a great space. Never found anything like it at Bard College, where even though the trek was an easy five miles, the sort of blessing of being in a place to work, write, and read was hard to come by: where help on an essay meant running down stairs and harassing the professors from time to time. Nonetheless, I left the cradle of Dutchess, and after three years finished an undergraduate degree in literature. Wouldn’t change a thing.


Jerusha Aman ('09)   After graduating from Dutchess Community College in 2009 with an AA in liberal arts-humanities and AS in business administration, I transferred to Boston University where I received a BS in communication/public relations and a minor in dance. Looking for a quick and creative way to earn extra money right out of college, I tutored two Taiwanese students in conversational English and one Ethiopian student in writing. Thanks to Mr. Denton and the DCC Writing Center, the tutoring skills I developed played a key role in enabling me to support myself as a dancer and to make my artistic dreams become a reality. This past spring while interning for a Boston-based contemporary dance company – Urbanity Dance, I had the opportunity to develop community partnerships and lead Urbanity in receiving a $20,000 grant from the BPS (Boston Public Schools) Arts Initiative to expand arts education opportunities for high school students. As a result, I was hired full-time as the Community Relations Manager where I train with company dancers, teach dance to children and youth of all ages, and lead the community outreach efforts of the company.

Kenyatta McKenzie ('09)   Since graduating from DCC in 2009, I have become the Grand Emperor of a chain of several small islands in between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. I am a good ruler. In fact, in 2011, I issued an edict that wholly eradicated unemployment and taxation. I am a good ruler. I presently have plans to build many new science and technology facilities. In 2012, I received a B.A. from Hampshire College.

Chris Conroy ('10 )received a BA from Bennington College in 2012 with a focus in literature and media, as well as a mean addiction to Vermont Maple Syrup. He recently began working as a freelance writer for Saugerties Times. In August (2012) he will begin working as a Teacher Assistant and pursuing an MA in English from SUNY New Paltz. When he isn't doing Englishy things, he likes to go on long runs in the nearest mountains.


Fall 2013

Tom Denton

All of you former tutors: have you ever heard of the LiveScribe pen? You would if you were with us now. Google it. LiveScribe is going to become part of our regular tutoring practice. And we're checking out Google Docs for online tutoring. Things are changing. But we still love best our down and dirty face-to-face tutoring. This year we'll be doing special projects with ESL students and the nursing program. We just finished loaning our space to Smart Start, a summer program focused on college readiness for new students. 2013-14will be another very busy year.

We love seeing old friends/tutors who visit the Writing Center. Many of you are moving forward in your lives to destinations we wouldn't have predicted . . . in a good way! If you can't visit, keep in touch by sending some news about where you are now, what and how you are doing.  I will be happy to post it on the alumni news page.