Grading System

The following grading system is used at Dutchess Community College:

Grade   Quality Grade
A   Excellent 4.00 93-100
A-     3.67 90-92
B+     3.33 87-89
B   Good/Above Average 3.00 83-86
B-     2.67 80-82
C+     2.33 77-79
C   Satisfactory/Average 2.00 70-76
D   Acceptable as an individual course grade. If received in a prerequisite course, the student may not qualify for the next course in sequence. "D" grades to not typically transfer to other institutions. 1.00 60-69
F   Failing 0.00 0-59
I   Incomplete, a temporary grade given in cases where students have not completed course requirements due to reasons beyond their control. The course requirements must be completed and a grade submitted within the first four weeks of the following semester (fall or spring) or the "I" automatically becomes an "F"    
J   Proficiency, a grade that meets graduation requirements, earned by examination or life experience. To earn credit by proficiency, a student must perform at the level of C or better.    
P   Passing (given only as a midterm grade with permission of the dean of academic affairs)    
U   Audit (No Credit)    
W   Withdrawn    

Normally, no grade change will be processed for any student later than one year after he/she has completed the course.

Graduation Requirements

All candidates for degrees and certificates from Dutchess Community College are required to:

  1. Fulfill the requirements of the approved and registered program for which the student is registered.
  2. Successfully complete the minimum number of credits required in the program.
  3. Complete, at Dutchess, at least twenty-four hours of the course work offered for credits toward a degree.
  4. Have a Cumulative Point Average of 2.0 or better in courses applicable to the curriculum in which the student is a candidate for graduation.
  5. Be recommended for graduation by the Academic Standards Committee.
  6. Apply for graduation by submitting the graduation application.
  7. Have paid or satisfactorily adjusted all College fees and met all other obligations.

After graduation, a student may continue to study at Dutchess on a non-matriculated basis or matriculate in a second degree program. The second degree application can be obtained in the Registrar's Office. See also: Second Degree.